Accurate property valuation is an invaluable tool in the effective management of real estate.

For over thirty years, our licensed professionals (MAI) have provided appraisals for lenders, investors/owners, insurance companies, and real estate tax appeals. A successful track record has been maintained through a current understanding of market conditions, comparable properties, and bank processes associated with real estate. Our work history includes repeat clients from small and large firms and covers diverse project types and scales.

In an evolving real estate market, experience matters most in the acquisition or disposition of properties.

Our experienced licensed brokers have an expertise in developing and executing strategies matched to current market conditions including the structuring of leases. By collaborating with our design team, a program is established and fit plans are created to facilitate the site selection process. Combined with our construction capabilities, turnkey solutions are available. We maintain a portfolio of commercial and residential properties available for lease.

Effectively managing a property goes beyond its physical appearance and requires maintaining relationships.

Our management professionals build lasting business relationships with tenants and the surrounding community by understanding their interests. We service commercial and multi-family properties ensuring their continued viability by implementing and maintaining the highest of standards. In addition to our portfolio or properties, we secure, maintain, and market real estate assets for clients including the banking community.

Facing an evolving real estate market, investors and owners are reassessing the use of their properties.

Our real estate consultants are well versed in many project types. By utilizing this diverse experience, the highest and best use for a new or redeveloped property is identified. By collaborating with our design and construction teams, feasibility studies are performed to better understand a property’s strengths and weaknesses. A strategy is developed for enhancing or repositioning a property based on this analysis.

Many underutilized properties have the potential to be transformed into viable and vibrant properties.

Our development team identifies these opportunities by understanding the individual property within the context of the surrounding community. As part of implementing the highest and best use, the optimal mix of tenants is established. We maintain a current understanding of the approval processes and requirements to secure funding from multiple sources in order to acquire and move a project forward.

Team building and cost oversight go hand in hand in our approach to owner representation and project team management.

We view each potential dollar spent as our own and promote the selection of design and construction professionals who share in that philosophy. Our objective is to facilitate the process on behalf of the owner to ensure an outcome of the greatest possible built result balanced with justified costs.

Many of the risks involved in building are mitigated by properly insuring that dollars disbursed are in line with the work completed.

Construction monitoring is a suite of services available to investors and owners that manage these risks. Having been offered for over twenty years, they are considered essential in properly managing construction projects by the lending community and investment builders. These services include plan review, cost analysis, progress monitoring, quality assurance inspections, property condition reports, PCNA reports, and disbursing agent services. The expertise of seasoned construction executives, registered architects, consulting engineers, licensed appraisers, and property management professionals are brought together in this suite of services.

Allowing the designers and constructors to work from a set of common goals, design/build is an optimal project delivery method.

With one point of accountability, the interface with the client is simplified and the project is better organized. Our team of designers and constructors collaborate to achieve a comprehensive understanding of technical input, pricing information, and aesthetic goals. Each has hands-on management of the trades providing continuity and quality control through all phases of a project. Combined with our brokerage capabilities, fully integrated solutions are available to our clients.

Insisting on the highest level of quality throughout the construction process will yield the highest level of quality in the built result.

Each project’s construction manager facilitates the team building and organization of design professionals, contractors, materials, and methods. Utilizing our interdisciplinary approach, a project is kept on schedule and within budget. Combined with our general contracting and design/build capabilities, we offer complete construction solutions.

We are a collective of creative minds engaged in creating great places.

A clear intent is established for each project by engaging in a dynamic interaction with all of the stakeholders. This intent works as a foundation supporting all decisions from concept to the built result. We excel at maximizing a project’s potential by connecting programmatic and aesthetic goals with the optimal resources. Our integrated approach with real estate and construction professionals gives us a comprehensive understanding of the economics and constructability of a project. By taking on projects of varied genres and scales, we are able to cross-pollinate what we learn from each.

By including designers in the initial considerations of a project, the success of the overall project is enhanced.

In establishing a program and subsequently in creating fit plans for one or more properties, thoughtful consideration is given to the needs of a client. We also perform feasibility studies to support the efforts of development teams working to establish the viability of a property. We are adept at master planning developments, buildings, and spaces including phased approaches. Combined with our brokerage and development teams, we offer high level analysis of a property’s potential to fulfill a particular need.

Part of creating a great place is to give it a distinct identity.

A name and a brand are essential ways of communicating the essence of a place. It captures the imagination of the public by bridging the gap between how a place looks and what it means to them. Through our creativity and understanding of real estate market trends, our design professionals excel at creating and implementing identities for new or existing properties. Our design services extend from establishing a name and logo to implementing a full marketing strategy and materials. Combined with our brokerage and property management capabilities, we offer integrated solutions to leasing and marketing properties.

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